Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Living the Dream

Today was a marvelous day:

Perfect sunny, breezy, wear-anything-and-be-comfortable weather.
John played and sang and smiled through "baby story time" at the library.
I vacuumed the whole house. (Even James's room. Because we finally picked up in there. Happiness.)
We walked James home from school.
James had lunch on the front porch while I watered the lawn.
We walked to and from James's story time at the library. And also borrowed a bag full of books.
Yummy dinner. (And Daddy was home!)
Skyping with Maggie and Joe.

And the cherry on top? A post-supper family bike ride!! John's first ride. James's first two-wheeled venture out of the cul-de-sac. We rode to Hubbard, played a little on the playground, caught a bit of a coach's pitch baseball game, and cruised home. James did great. It's hard to say whether John enjoyed the bike or the slide more.

I. Love. My. Life.

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