Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just in Case

Last night when I went in to kiss Jamesy goodnight, he had taken his two board halves (from when he attended a karate bday party and chopped a board in half) and brought them to bed. Atop one he had arranged his special rocks from his field trip to the mine. On the other was his resin covered scorpion that I brought him from Arizona. 

He said, "I brought these to look at if I get sick. Like remember when I got sick after Easter? When I ate all that candy? So if I get sick I have something to look at."


I wonder if he was trying to tell me he had eaten a bunch of candy....

I asked if he felt okay. He did. So I put the boards on his dresser and told him he probably wouldn't need them, but that it was a nice idea if he did. 

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