Friday, October 23, 2009

Long Time, No Post

OK, ok, ok.
I know.
I'm waaayyyy overdue. The funny/lame thing is I get so annoyed when the blogs I follow don't get updated, and here it's been almost a month! Aack.

So here are some of our favorite Jamesisms:
1. "chi-chi" (cookie, but now he's saying cookie. boo.)
2. "happy pop" (popsicle)
3. "chos" (Cheerios. and that's a long o in chos)
4. "snowMAN" (the boy loves listening to "Frosty the Snowman." Yes, it is just October. He has a book that plays the melody, so we thought he'd enjoy hearing the CD. Boy, did he ever.)
5. the second syllable of every word gets emphasized-- snowMAN, playGROUND, digGER, brocCOLI, ice CREAM
6. "Shea. Benny. Benicio." (Shea & Benny/Benicio are two of his classmates; he says their names almost every morning when he wakes up. Oh, and today when I picked him up, he shouted, "Cali! More, more, Cali!")
7. Nodding cutely and emphatically to say yes.
8. Putting his arms up to his chest (in a sort of huggy way) when anyone says/sings "love." For instance, when he hears, "...and how the reindeer loved him..."
9. Picking up a phone or remote, holding it to his ear and saying, "Hello, Nana."
10. Reading books to us.

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