Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last weekend we took a quick trip down to SC for my Grandmother's funeral. It was sad but also really great to spend time with our family.

Our flight was early Saturday morning, and the service was at 11. We were so afraid of missing the plane-- and the funeral-- (we did, in fact, miss our flight to Greenville three years ago, and ended up spending the entire day at the airport) that we left the house at 3:30. James woke up and stayed up! He was singing in the car, exclaiming "Bus! Airplane!" as we rode from long-term parking to the terminal, and happily running laps around the gates of Terminal A. He wasn't at all interested in eating breakfast. When we got on the plane he promptly shut his eyes and tipped right over. Before we even pulled away from the gate! He slept across our laps until they made the announcement that we were approaching GSP. We thought he felt a bit warm, but chalked it up to the early waking and the excitement of the morning.

He had a brief opportunity to exercise (up & down the stairs) and eat (he had just a few bites of oatmeal) at the hotel before we all headed to the Mortuary. Then he slept through the service. This was quite handy for us, but totally out of character for James. We stopped on the way to lunch to buy Tylenol. He was still pretty hot, and we felt certain it was a fever. At lunch he still wasn't interested in eating.

Seemed like teething-- the bottom molars have come all the way in, as have the top front teeth. The top molars, however, are just bursting through. Fever. No appetite. One runny, clear nostril.

He was SUPER hot that evening. And was asking for more Tylenol even though he'd just had some. He also was begging for "nuk" (milk) which Dan ran out to get. We gave him Tylenol every 4 hours, but he was still like a little charcoal briquet in bed. So sad.

On Sunday James had an appetite for breakfast-- he ate some oatmeal and most of a waffle. Dan went out to get a thermometer (and a carseat-- the car rental place had given us a toddler booster with no harness. HIGHLY unsafe for our lil' guy.) and James's temp was over 101. We stuck with the steady doses of Tylenol and also got some juice boxes (it's getting crazy up in here!) in an attempt to move away from milk for the congestion. He downed one juice box, and then was over that. Only wanted milk. Lunch was some bread and yogurt.

Monday he seemed a bit better in spirits, but still had a low fever and didn't want to eat much aside from breakfast. Kept the Tylenol coming.

No fever Tuesday. Also no appetite. We got on the plane at 5ish which is dinner time. He hadn't eaten lunch and had refused the attempts we'd made with snacks. On the plane he ate a ridiculous amount of Goldfish crackers and had some milk (after getting all offended when we'd offer him juice or water).

We decided to send him to his grandparents instead of daycare on Wednesday. He had a temp of 100.4 when I picked him up. No appetite.

Thursday morning he woke up a bit happier and asked for eggs for breakfast. But he kept whimpering as he ate them. Then he was crying, so I brought him into my lap. Then, for the first time in his life, he threw up. So I stayed home and called the doctor. They said he didn't need to come in, that it was probably a virus, to stay away from dairy and call back next week if he's still sick. Great, because all this kid wants is milk.

We made it through the day without incident until around 6ish when he threw up again.

On Friday he woke up really happy and I was sure he'd turned the corner. I gave him a choice of oatmeal or pancakes,and he chose pancakes. He ate most of one then threw it up shortly thereafter. He was back at his grandparents' house for the day where he took a three hour nap and didn't eat or drink much. He had an egg for dinner and then a bit of milk before bed. He woke up just before midnight to hurl.

This morning we've been puke and fever free thus far. He's eaten cantaloupe and a pancake and had a bit of juice and more water than he's had in the past few days. We did get an appointment with the pediatrician for 11:45, mostly to make sure he's not too dehydrated.

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