Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 2 Wrap Up

Things have gone pretty well today. Daddy is presently putting James to bed, and hopefully we'll have another dry night!

James did wake from his nap dry this afternoon, and had a great evening. His accident count for yesterday was 9 (and that includes even the tiny little wet spots on the undies), and I think today's is 4 (including the poop that was really Mommy & Daddy's fault for not coming fast enough). Rock on!

Inspired by a crafty friend, we've been painting each day (I hope/plan to try more ambitious projects soon). Today's theme was patriotic in honor of the holiday weekend.

I think James's work is quite nice!

He truly enjoys painting. In fact, while it was my suggestion yesterday, he asked to do it today. He even helped clean up afterwards.

While potty training, we've also been doing all kinds of out of the ordinary things (for us, anyway) like offering James juice boxes (at least this one is a nice fruit & veggie blend),

and letting him double fist popsicles!

We are so proud of and having so much fun with our big boy!

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