Tuesday, December 20, 2011


James has had a few opportunities to speak with Mr. Claus thus far this year.  Each time he's asked for the same thing-- a Hess truck.

The most amusing time was at an event in Ramsey.  We were at a party for kids, and James was sitting at a table multi-tasking (making a sticker gingerbread house and eating some snacks).  In walked Santa.  James jumped out of his seat exclaiming, "I've got to tell him to bring a Hess truck!"

He then raced around the room jumping up and down behind Santa saying, "Hess truck! Hess truck!"

Once Santa got on stage, James hopped right up there to speak with him one-on-one.  Somehow, the line formed next to James, so he had to endure several other children having their turns first. Finally, it was his opportunity to speak with the Big Guy.  No fear and no tears (see photo above). He happily answered the questions about his behavior and then enthusiastically stated he wants a Hess truck. 

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