Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

James has been SO excited about Halloween this year. Last night was like Christmas Eve around here with the excitement level. James and Dan carved their Jack-o-lantern and roasted the pumpkin seeds. (We all enjoyed a bedtime snack.)

Today James dressed up for school, and I helped out with the party as one of the class moms. 

Dan came home from work at lunchtime, so he painted spiders onto our hands (black widows represent!), and then we popped John into his tiger costume and headed to the school Halloween parade. 

After school, James got his face paint touched up and encouraged Daddy to dress up as a ghost pirate. John gained some whiskers, and we set out a bowl of candy. Then we headed out to trick or treat with our neighbors. So fun!
It was SO great to finally get to celebrate Halloween on October 31st! Hooray! 

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