Sunday, November 3, 2013

Awesome Day!

John and I started the day with an hour of bonus non-DST snuggles and such in his room before heading downstairs to bake muffins. Yum! James and Dan woke up and joined us for breakfast and viewing of the marathon pre-show. 

Then it was off to church (during which I admit to checking my athlete tracker app; my friends did great!!). 

After a quick wardrobe change and lunch, we headed off to Harriman for a family hike.
 After 80 minutes, we made it to the mountain-top lake where we enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate (milk and Giradelli) Dan had packed in a thermos and a snack. 

Then we raced the sun back down the mountain. (Dan and I were relieved to get the boys safely back to the car before the sun was too low behind the mountains!)  It was so fun hiking with James. He really talked to us and just soaked up the adventure. 

Next stop was a sushi restaurant for dinner. James ate like a king! That boy loves some raw fish! John was no slacker himself-- not only did he put away an impressive amount of chicken teriyaki, but he went wild for the baby octopus we ordered on a whim. (The couple at the table next to us were flabbergasted at our kids eating baby octopus. I think the quote was, "I don't know what that was, but I wouldn't eat it.")

We came home, and John promptly passed out. Dan built a fire, and the three of us watched The Little Mermaid. I managed not to belt out too loudly as I sang along. Come on, "Part of Your World" may be the best Disney song ever. 

Awesome day. 

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