Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, last Friday I finally got around to creating Valentine cards with James (nothing like planning ahead).  I bought some washable paint and colored paper and figured that the kitchen floor seemed like the best place to work.  With a bath towel and basin of warm water at the ready, I envisioned doing handprints and footprints, then dunking the appendage in the water....
Yeah, right.

James got really interested when I opened the paintbrushes, 
so then I thought maybe he'd like to paint.  Luckily I'd already stripped him down to a onesie (hindsight: should've gone down to the diaper).  He sat down with brush in hand, surrounded by sheets of pink and red paper as I prepared dishes of red and white paint.  Well, when I put the paint down, he continued to hold the brush with one hand and dip the other hand
into the paint.  
I realized that while this was not what I had planned, it was marvelous.  Probably better than my vision of controlled printing.  Certainly messier.  I embraced the mess and the moment and grabbed the camera!
When James tired of the fun, I caged him into the kitchen and got the bathtub ready.  That little basin was not going to do the trick!  The bathwater was completely pink when we
 were done, and I still had to take care of the kitchen floor.  Clean James was strapped into the high chair to watch me clean up.  This was practically torture for the b
oy who LOVES cleaning the floor, but alas...
On Saturday, Dan made us yummy pancakes and was thrilled with his homemade card from James.  We all snacked on homemade heart-shaped cookies and spent lots of time cuddling.

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