Saturday, February 14, 2009

True Fact

Well, as of 10:22 today, our bambino is 61 weeks old.  Yes, my running watch chimes every Saturday at 10:22 AM.  The first 20 or so times, I'd sing to James.  Some weeks now I hardly notice it.  Today Dan & I took a moment to reflect on 61 weeks.  Dan said it seems short when you say it that way.  (Tomorrow is 14 months... does that sound older?)  I am really trying to soak it all up now.  I got teary this week just thinking about how much he's changed even in the past few months.  It goes FAST.  Everyone tells you this, but you just don't get it.  

With that said, let me tell you something amazing.  I haven't really bought the kid any clothes yet!  Seriously!  Apart from the pjs and one pair of cords last fall and his bathing suit last summer (which I believe still fits!), he's been totally outfitted by the wonderful generosity of family and friends.  Being the first grandchild and nephew obviously helps, but many of the items he wears now are things that people bought when he was born.  (This is a marvelous idea; give gifts that are bigger sizes--not everything at the shower needs to be NB or 0-3mo.)  We even have some BabyGap gift cards yet to be used!

I am SO thankful for these gifts.  Of course, there is a part of me that would love to go out and choose all sorts of cute and/or stylish items in which to dress my boy.  However, I am pretty satisfied to open the closet periodically and say, "James, look at this new outfit that Grandma/Nana/Auntie Peg/Auntie Ali & Uncle P/Daddy's boss/Mommy's friend bought you.  Let's try it on!"  

I have the rest of his childhood to dress him.  Thank you all for doing it thus far!  :-)  You have wonderful taste, and he looks adorable.

*On a related topic:  there are SO MANY more clothes in the baby girl area than the baby boy area.  In every store.  Sometimes I'm annoyed/jealous, and sometimes relieved.  

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