Friday, February 13, 2009

It's all starting to click!

I posted recently about James's growing vocabulary.  Well, he continues to say more words every day.  Some recent additions:
wa-wa (water)
Ginger (his gingerbread boy beanie baby)
dog (which he says for many animals: raccoons, horses, bears, dogs, ...)

Really, he'll repeat almost anything you say!

The past few days he's been appearing to use the sign for "more."  (We've been showing him sign language for "milk" and "more" since he was about 4 months old; "eat" since 6 months and other signs in the past few months.)  He was doing the baby variation (pointing to one palm with one finger) of "more" even though we show him the adult version (bringing all finger tips together).  We praised him and gave him more.

Well, this morning, he'd already nursed and was playing around with Dan and me in bed.  He then came over to me, reached for my chest and did the "more" sign.  The real, grown up, ten fingers together "more" sign.  I was excited and said, "James, do you want more?"  He responded by saying "mo" and doing the sign again!  We were so excited!  

A bit later he was in his high chair having cream of wheat.  Dan gave him one of his Wheat Chex.  James did the "more" sign again, said "mo" and pointed at Dan's bowl!  He did it over and over again, each time Dan gave him one, he'd ask for another.  It was really cool!

It just blows me away how he's truly communicating now.  When I say, "James, do you want to help Mommy do laundry?"  He runs to the basement door and says "door" and "stair."  Then he turns to me, raises his arms and says "up" because I carry him downstairs.  

It's awesome.  

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