Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

We started the day by taking Dan out to breakfast at the diner.  Let me tell you, when his big plate of silver dollar pancakes was set before him, James actually let out an exclamation of glee!  He then proceeded to gobble them ALL up!

After breakfast, James & I headed out to the grocery store while Dan got to watch some early golf coverage.  When we entered the produce section, James spotted the broccoli and began calling out for it enthusiastically.  Thusly, I amended my shopping list and got a bunch o' the lil' trees.  James clutched his bouquet happily.  Then he began nibbling on it.  He was SO HAPPY about his broccoli.  I mean, giggling (with little bits of green in his toothy grin) joyfully.  An elderly man complemented James on his good taste.  

When we got home, James helped me make cupcakes and icing.  Dan requested orange and blue (go Mets!).  James stood on his chair next to me, and when his vision was blocked he'd say "See! See!" and reach up for me to help him look into the mixer.  

Grandpa & Grandma came over just as James was getting ready for his nap (so then, of course, he didn't want to nap.... but we got him settled down eventually).  We had a delicious lobster dinner then retired to the living room for cupcakes and golf and gifts.  Dan loved his poker book and set of three Dr. Seuss books.  (The final piece of his book-themed gift is on a FedEx truck due to arrive tomorrow.)

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