Sunday, June 14, 2009

Potty Time

So, for a few weeks we've been introducing the concept of the potty to James.  We haven't committed ourselves to full-on potty training yet, but we've started some introductory steps (like taking trips to flush the contents of his diapers in the potty-- great fun!).

Last month we made a family trip to buy James his own little potty.  He seemed a bit interested in it, and started saying "potty."  On our Ikea outing, we bought a second, blue one.  With each of them, he'd say "potty" and then proceed to throw and/or roll it around.  Okay.

A week or so later we stopped by Barnes & Noble to get a few potty books.  One is The Potty Book.  It is pretty cute and stars a red-haired boy and his bear.  The other book is titled The Potty Train and features the winning line, "Chugga, chugga, poo-pooo!"  (Can you guess which book Dan selected?)  James, of course, loves the books.  We read them multiple times a day.  

Meanwhile, James has been following us to the restroom for quite a long time.  We've been discussing what's going on more lately (lovely, I know).  Also, he's been a huge fan of streaking and has protested when having diapers put on for a while.  With his ever-increasing communication skills, we figured we have a chance he could "get on board the potty train" this summer.

Of course, there's the minor problem that he's not been interested, at all, in actually sitting on either potty.  Not even when clothed. 

A couple of days ago, he protested enough during his afternoon diaper change that I didn't put on a new diaper.  He just ran about diaper-less with his outfit unsnapped at the crotch.  We sat and read stories then he played in the kitchen.  NO ACCIDENTS.  A few times he announced "potty" and actually scampered off to the bathroom.  However, he didn't sit on his little potty, but rather repeatedly opened and shut the actual potty.  I finally wrangled him into a diaper when it was dinnertime because I didn't want to have a situation in the high chair.

Tonight before bathtime, when he was released for "nakey time," James proceeded to sit on his potty while we read three books to him!!!  No actual production, but we praised this new milestone.  

We'll see how things develop...

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