Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun in Any Language

So today James & I went to our (my) favorite playground. James was having a grand ol' time and befriended the cutest Eurobaby. This German-speaking tot was stripetastic-- navy & white striped shirt, red & white striped (legging-type) shorts, light blue & dark blue striped Bob the Builder socks worn (pulled up high) with his sandals. His Bob the B. baseball hat did NOT have stripes. A pity.

Stripey and James played a fast and furious game of tag. There was lots of laughing and yelling (of the fun variety) and sprinting. Each "round" would end with Stripey enthusiastically "tagging" James which often involved James ending up on the ground, his shirt in Stripey's clutches. But they both had a blast. (And German Mom did intervene every time, which was nice.)

The family (Stripey has an older sis as well) just moved here a few months ago. Mom is super nice and said she hoped to see us at the playground again. Yea!

*It is worth noting that James happened to bring a lil' something with him to the park today-- a small American flag attached to a pipe cleaner (the plastic stick had broken, and he wasn't happy with it sans-stick, so I'd improvised with a "soft stick"). He carried it around with him everywhere. Hilarious. Especially with his worldly buddy.

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