Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh, the Pain!

It seems that having teeth work their way through one's gums causes a great deal of discomfort. So much so that one wakes in a fit of hysterical screaming at 12:15. Even after one's father calms him down, moments later one begins screaming for one's mommy. Then proceeds to cuddle, ask for a few books (Baby Brains, "Ham" (Green Eggs & Ham), "Church" (What I See at Baptism)) and resume screaming when put into bed. It also seems that once awake for the day, one doesn't really want to eat, what with all the pain in the ol' gums. In fact, after refusing to eat dinner, one totally wigs out.

Yep, this is what is going down here this weekend. James was up until 2:00 after waking at 12:15. I whisper read him books, tried to cuddle him to sleep on the couch (during which he'd say, "Aww. Night Night." over and over before realizing he was in close proximity to a fan that wasn't turned on....), then finally gave him a drink of water and put him in his crib. A bit more crying then he passed out until sometime between 7:30 and 8!

Tonight he was crazy. Screaming. Crying. That's when we finally started comparing notes and thinking it might be teeth. Dan ventured a finger into James's craw for an exploratory poke. Sure enough, bumps abound and some little points coming through. That's when we called upon the magical powers of Tylenol. We still couldn't interest James in eating. Not even "pie" (peach cobbler). He is sleeping... for now.

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