Monday, December 7, 2009

Latest Catch Phrases (updated on 12/08)

"Get down, run!" said pretty much anytime you pick James up to carry him somewhere.

"Get down, boogie." learned from Pops who sang the song after hearing the aforementioned catchphrase.

"Good job, James!"

"Dump. Dump the ______." (fill in the blank with whatever food James no longer wants to eat)

"Clean up the mess. James clean the mess. Put it in the shovel." This usually follows the aforementioned dumping.

"On purpose." This also follows the dumping.

"Turn on the light. Turn off the light. Ooh, it's dark in here. Now it is light." James recently figured out where the living room light switch is located and realized he can put a stool or small chair there to reach it. In the book Emma Goes Shopping, Emma goes to the garage: "Ooh it is dark in here. Emma flips the switch. Now it is light."

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Allison said...

it's hard to have a favorite, but ... "on purpose" is pretty awesome.