Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Plans

Tonight was the end of year party for James's class at his day care. It was so fun to see all the children playing together! Tomorrow is his last day. I got out a week ago, but since James is paid up through the end of the month, I've used the time to get a few tasks done (cleaning the office, cleaning the house, running errands...).

We do have some big plans for the summer.

First off is potty training. I know, I know, I blogged about this a year ago! Well, James's classroom this year didn't have a potty in it, so once we found that out, we decided not to move forward with the training last summer. Sure we have the little potty chairs in the house, and James has sat in them from time to time, but he's never actually gone potty on one. We also have a potty seat for the big toilet that we bought a few months ago after James was impressed by a friend's skills on a playdate. "You want to poop on the big potty like Cora." And we have underpants as you may recall from the big boy nap in April.

Our plan is to use the three-day method. It goes something like this-- wake up, get your diaper changed, and have breakfast like usual. Then after breakfast, put on underpants and throw away all the diapers in the house. All of 'em. Even the ones in the car, in the stroller, etc. Because big boys wear underpants; babies wear diapers. Oh, no pants, just underwear. Then tell the tot to keep the underpants dry and be sure to tell you if he has to go potty. As accidents happen, run off to the bathroom and try to at least finish on the potty. From what I understand, the first day is AWFUL and full of accidents. Day two is better. Day three is great. We'll see how it goes-- I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Other plans for the summer include a return to music class, a week at Isle of Palms, the possible/probable move from crib to bed, and hopefully the purchase of a house.


Kate said...

HATE potty training! so far, the worst stage of parenting... good luck! one thing i did find with my son, was he did better naked. he would pee in his underwear and not complain. but he wouldn't pee on the floor if naked. but hopefully james will pick it up quickly! GOOD LUCK! my heart goes out to all potty training parents!

Jen said...

Thanks, Kate! Any and all tips are appreciated :-)