Sunday, January 15, 2012

36 Weeks

As of yesterday morning, I am 36 weeks pregnant.  I still feel really good.  By the end of the day, I'm usually pretty wiped out.  However, I'm still running (!) and able to do most of the things I want.

In a possible bout of "nesting" today, I re-organized the linen closet, made our bed, sorted and started some laundry, and am updating the blog.  I really need to pack for the hospital (just in case).

My weekly doctor visits (with ultrasounds) start this week, so I'll be getting professional updates every Tuesday.  As of my last visit, Trixie was head-down.  Hooray!

This Friday is my last day of school (until I go back for less than two weeks in June) which I cannot believe.  I've been teaching my heart out the past few weeks.  I am looking forward to having some time to rest and relax before the baby arrives (hopefully!).

Last weekend my mommy friends threw me a little party wherein I got this super-cute diaper cake.  Love it!  It's currently living in the dining room, and every time I pass by it, I get more excited for the arrival of James's sibling!

Before I sign off, let me just give you a quick lesson, lest you should run into a pregnant woman anytime soon.  (The following are real quotes I've encountered recently.)

What to say to a clearly pregnant woman (or her young companion):

  • "I'm sorry, but this does not look like the face o someone who is 36 weeks pregnant. It must be a pillow under there."
  • "You look great!"
  • "You look so cute!"
  • "Congratulations!"
  • "Are you going to be a big brother soon?"
What NOT to say:
  • "You're bursting out of that coat!" (Um, no, I'm not.  Not yet, anyway.  And when I do, please don't tell me then, either.)
  • "Oh, you're starting to really slow down."  (Well, I'm carting around quite a few extra pounds, but I'm still making it up and down the stairs to and from my classroom just fine, thank you.)
  • "Did you eat a watermelon?  You're getting bigger and bigger." (I don't even like watermelon.  And I'm supposed to be getting bigger.  Duh.)
  • "It looks like a boy."  (Maybe it is.)
  • "It looks like a girl." (Maybe it is.)
  • "Are you sure it's not twins?  Sometimes doctors miss one."  (I think I've been ultrasound-ed and doppler-ed enough to determine that it's just one baby.  But thankyouverymuch for telling me that you think I'm huge.)

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