Tuesday, March 17, 2009

15 Month Check Up

James had his 15 month well visit today. His doctor was so impressed with his language. As we waited in the lobby, he was chatting away-- "Hi" to the receptionist, "Baby" at the photos hanging up-- and then I heard, "Is that James talking?" and out came the doctor who was so proud! During his exam she asked how many words he has. I told her it was between 20 and 30 the last time we tallied (which was a few weeks and many words ago), and she was amazed. She says she's happy if they have THREE at this age!!! She said he's even beyond 18 months!

She was also impressed with his strength (he was moving the furniture around in the exam room) and mobility. She also acknowledged that his constant motion contributes to his weight (or lack thereof). He's up to 20 pounds now which is only the 3rd-5th percentile, but she said that gaining 1 pound between 12 and 15 months is what she expects, and that's what he did. Yea!

He measured 30.5 inches in length, although that's under dispute from me. By my observation, the line at his head was drawn too low (of course, it didn't help that he was a bit of a Wiggle Worm). Anyway, the reported length puts him around 35-40%.

His head is 45% at 18.5 inches.

We discussed his screaming at night, and she confirmed our suspicions that it's Night Terrors. Lovely. Basically, it is like sleep walking; he isn't really awake or aware. Well, that's annoying, isn't it? Dan & I are exhausted (and cranky), and James is Mr. Oblivious. (We feel really bad because we have a nice neighbor upstairs whom we don't want to torture with James's screams.) Supposedly, keeping him on a good routine during the day will help.

He got two vaccines and was a champ for each. A few tears when each happened, but by the time we walked out, he was all smiles and running down the hallway.

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