Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, James is still nursing.  Not much, though.  Just before naptime and bedtime and sometimes in the morning.  He had gotten really uninterested in it a couple of months ago, but just as I was certain that he was weaning himself, he suddenly started showing enthusiastic interest.  As in putting his hand down my shirt at bedtime.  Nice.  He's also unzipped my hoodie a few times!
However, he's doing really well drinking cow's milk from a cup.  He has sippy cups and straw cups.  He drinks well from both.  He's more independent with the straw cups, but he's also learned how to turn them upside down to make "fun" puddles to play with (a sure way to lose your beverage, Mister).  The sippy cups have spill-proof valves (yea!), but are also a bit trickier for him to maneuver on his own.

The best thing is that I haven't really used the pump since sometime around the holidays.  YIPPEE!!!  I mean, it is an incredible piece of equipment, and I'm so glad I had it, but I am SO GLAD to be done using it.  If I'm not around at the times he'd normally nurse, James is fine with cow's milk.  So no more feeling like a dairy cow for Mommy!

Today I'm finally getting around to sterilizing all the pump stuff to store.  Obviously I'll give it another boil when the time comes (hopefully) for James to have a sibling.  


Amber, Scott, and Carter said...

hey...I'm friends with Krissee and Daniel....I'm totally feeling you on this issue. Today was actually my last day of pumping at work, and I'm so excited about it. Carter isn't on cows milk yet, but he's almost 10 mos. old so it will be soon enough. Anyway, enjoy being pump free!

Jen said...

Thanks, Amber.
Pumping at work is the MOST annoying thing ever, isn't it?!
I've actually read your blog lots too (via the link on Daniel's) and know Scott & Sean really well from Gravatt.
I'm glad that Carter is doing so well (he's bigger than James!).