Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can I Interest You in Some Pants?

So James fought off his nap for quite a while this afternoon. We'd had a busy, fun-filled morning consisting of a playdate at the farm where he saw animals and quite enjoyed walking along planks of wood. He fell asleep briefly on the way home (which allowed me, upon our arrival home, to trim his nails while he slept in the carseat), then woke up for some dancing and lunch. Well, after lunch we followed our routine of milk and books, then I popped him into the crib with his latest favorite book ("Emma!"). AN HOUR LATER he finally stopped chatting, playing music, reading, and throwing everything (blankets, Bunny, Bear) out of the crib. I walked in to find him thusly:

Yep, there he is, cuddled up with his pants, which he evidently removed.

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