Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Music for Aardvarks & James

Today we started a music class.

It was really fun.  Sean, our leader, was geeky-cute with his dark framed glasses.  James was dancing and having so much fun playing with the instruments (egg shakers, rhythm sticks, drums...).  He even gave his cute little cheer after one of the songs!

I was very proud of him when he was a good helper in putting things away-- when Sean would put out the basket for a set of instruments after each song, James would happily collect them from the floor, and put them into the basket (he's definitely in that stage right now).  

He also hugged two of his classmates (they happened to be twin brother & sister) spontaneously-- very cute.  
I'm looking forward to going back next week!

PS-- When we first arrived, before the class started and I was introducing James & myself to Sean, he (Sean) asked how we heard about the class and if we'd seen/heard the music on Noggin.  I think I may have ostracized myself from the other two moms there when I explained that we don't watch TV...  

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