Thursday, April 2, 2009

They Might Be Giants

So, a week ago I found out that TMBG was playing in the Village on Saturday.  There was a show Saturday night, but better yet, there was a family show that afternoon.  After consulting with Dan, we bought tickets and headed in to the city for a fun family adventure.

Unfortunately the show was at 4:00, so that meant that the commute interfered with naptime, and the concert had the potential to encroach on dinner.  We made the best of it: got James to sleep in the car for the drive to Hoboken and hoped he'd nap on the PATH ride into Manhattan.  No such luck on the latter, so the nap was a bit shorter than usual.  Oh well.  We did give him lots of snackage-- greens puffs (a new favorite) and a cherry cereal bar and milk.  

James found the train ride pretty entertaining, and the snacks certainly helped bide the time as we waited-- first to get into the club, then for the show to start.  It was pretty funny-- this was a club that had completely made itself toddler/parent friendly for the afternoon: free stroller check, a clean floor for sitting with the kids in front of the stage...  They even handed out TMBG foam fingers to the kids!  (James LOVES his, even if he tried to feed me a piece during the show.)

When the lights went down and the music started, James was pretty awed.  He definitely recognized the tunes (we have our 2 TMBG kids CDs on heavy rotation) and broke out some dance moves to some of his favorites.  However, there was also a lot of clinginess (unfortunately, only to Mommy) and some whining.  No doubt due to the mini-nap and perhaps also a bit of unease at the strange situation (dark room, loud music, bright stage...).

If you asked James, he'd probably say his favorite part was one of the Special Guests.  No, not the young Hannah Levine singing "One Dozen Monkeys."  It was The Broom.  (Come on, you know how this kid loves the brooms, mops, swiffers!)  Imagine James's amazement and wonder as Broom "spoke" into the mic.  (It was a broom with a face made of tape being held up to the mic while John F. spoke for it into a different mic.)  Broom had quite a funny dialogue with John L. then, of course, they performed "I Am Not Your Broom" which, of course, is one of James's favorites.  The boy was MESMERIZED, completely awe-struck.  Dan said he doesn't think James blinked the entire time the Broom was on stage.  Hilarious.

It was a really fun show, and we had a great time.  We're looking forward to doing it again when James is a bit older. Oh, in case you're wondering, we went to a restaurant for dinner afterwards, so James ate at about the right time, and he fell asleep in the car (we'd put him in jammies in the parking garage).  So worth the alterations to the schedule!

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