Sunday, April 26, 2009

" the top of the Chrysler Building..."

OK, I know you all love a good mopping update :-)

I've been trying to get by with infrequent wet-swiffering lately. Let me tell you, it doesn't cut it. Especially with James's contributions to floor uncleanliness.

Today he & I swept the floor. It was pretty cute-- he had a broom and so did I. Such a good helper. Then he helped me bring the mop up from the basement. He was SO excited. Then he "mopped" the entire kitchen-- he was dragging the dry mop all over the place saying "Mop. Mop. Mop."

At this point it was nap time, so I swept him up and carried him off. He was quite displeased about having to leave such a great time of floor maintenance. Once he was in bed, I got to the business of really mopping the kitchen, and oh, how glorious it looks!

The only thing that saddened me when I finished was that the box of truffles was on the other side of the room (across the wet floor) from me...

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