Friday, May 29, 2009

Classic Peg!

We had such a great time last week hosting Auntie Peg/Maggie.  James seems to do better saying Maggie (it sounds something like, "Ma-me").

She arrived on Saturday morning (May 16th), and Dan & James picked her up from the airport.  They all got back to Maywood in time to cheer me to the finish (and victory) at the Maywood Run.  After James's nap, we hit the Bergen Co. zoo then Grandpa & Grandma's for dinner.  They watched James that evening so that Dan & I could take Maggie to the cool Lafayette Theater in Suffern to see Star Trek.  Fun!

After church on Sunday, we enjoyed mimosas by the fire (it was chilly!) and made a cheesecake (this time it turned out better than the Mothers' Day cake had).  Delish!

Monday was chilly again, so we took James to the Children's Museum.  He had lots of fun playing with different exhibits with Maggie.  After lunch he completely conked out for a long nap.  Tuesday we took Maggie with us to music class, then had lunch with Daddy at Kinchley's (followed by another marathon nap).  Wednesday was swim lessons, a picnic at the park and a visit to the ever-improving Bergen Mall before reluctantly taking Maggie back to the airport.

It was SO FUN having Maggie here.  She's got mad skills when it comes to childcare (James napped like a CHAMP for her, and went to bed easily at night as well.  Plus she's good with playing, feeding,...).  Plus, there was plenty of good grown-up time together too-- good drinks, good company, good laughs (and we appreciate her putting up with some of the silly television we wanted to view).

We miss you, Ma-me! We can't wait to see you again... the beach should be so much fun!


Daniel said...

Love the JT SNL shout out.:)

Jen said...

Oh man, we could NOT stop with the "Classic Peg" when Mag was here! And there is a checkout person at the new Target down the street who is just like the one in the sketch!

Daniel said...

Awesome. Often times, my subject lines are things that I think are funny, but are so random and out there that I wonder if anyone ever gets them. So I wanted to be sure that you knew that someone out there got it! :)