Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day to Me!

Even though my dear, darling husband woke up with a fever of 100 point something, he created a wonderful day for me. I fed James and took him for a little run then got cleaned up and went to church, so that Dan could get some sleep.

When we got home, Dan was up and feeling better (yea, Ibuprofin!) and had started getting things ready for our dinner. After James had lunch and went down for his nap (which Dan oversaw-- THANKS!), I enjoyed a fantastic homemade latte. Then Grandpa & Grandma came over. We enjoyed a DELICIOUS bottle of champagne (made even better in good crystal) and conversation while Dan & his dad cooked.

James got up and we had a little Mothers' Day photo shoot by the azaleas before eating a WONDERFUL dinner of shrimp and grits (made better on fine china and eaten with silver). Yes, this was good and authentic-- Anson Mills grits and SC shrimp. Yum! Grandma even got James to eat his dinner of salmon and rice. Dessert was a homemade cheesecake. Nice.

James & Dan gave me a gorgeous bouquet of gerbers and some new running socks and a running hat. After the grands left, James and I had some good cuddles and read books then Daddy put him to sleep. Finished the day with ice cream and Amazing Race. Life is good.

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