Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cuddle Buddies

So lately, when I go to check on James at nap time, he's cuddled up with one of his stuffed animals. Nowadays there are two bears and his bunny in the crib with him at all times; sometimes a pig, elephant, lamb or other creature joins the fun as well.

Moments ago I found him thusly:

A bear in each arm (so cute!) and one sock off. I somehow managed to get the blanket that he's partially on top of over his cute little backside.

Also, he's been getting reacquainted with the lamb that Uncle P & Auntie Ali gave him at Baptism last year. He can say, "lamb" and does so enthusiastically.

This morning at breakfast, Daddy put the lamb on his head. James found this amusing, then said, "hat! hat!" when he had the lamb back in his clutches. We were happy to help him achieve his goals.

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