Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Day, Another Train Show

First, let's discuss the fact that James is IN LOVE with his Thomas train. Thanks, Nana & Pops!!! Last night when he woke up crying (thanks, pointy teeth coming in), Dan just put the Thomas engine into James's hands, and the lil' guy rolled over and went back to sleep! What?!

This morning, he didn't even care about helping make pancakes. He just wanted to play with the train.

After pancakes, Nana & Pops hit the road back to SC. We were very sad to see them go. James did tear himself away from the train to give goodbye hugs and kisses, then stood in the window saying, "Bye bye, Pops. Bye bye Pops. Bye bye Pops. Bye bye Nana," over and over and blowing kisses.

A little later we headed to the Bergen County Model Railroad Train Show. It was basically a church basement filled with three or four big set-ups of trains. I quite enjoyed completing the scavenger hunt (locating such items as "a few raccoons" and "underground parking"). James was in awe the entire time. But awe doesn't quite do justice to his reaction to the display of Thomas trains. He (and many other toddlers) stood at the plexiglass wall, just watching in amazement and wonder. He was so good-- he didn't reach in or try to touch. He just stood and watched. For at least FORTY FIVE MINUTES! He was super cute in his new Thomas engineer hat too (thanks, Nana & Pops!).

The ONLY bad part is that we didn't have the camera with us :-(


Kate said...

next time y'all are in columbia we will have to get matt & james together. matt has been in love with trains and esp thomas since he was that age. we have quite the collection now.

Jen said...

Ooh, Kate! That sounds terrific. James would love to have a train mentor.