Friday, November 27, 2009

Train-tastic Day!

Today was Mom & Dad (aka Nana & Pops)'s last full day with us. We started off with a big yummy breakfast then headed over to the park for some good, hard playing at the playground. This allowed us to give James an early lunch and nap.

Then we were off to the Botanical Gardens for the amazing annual holiday train show. James was in awe, to say the least. We were too, quite frankly, because the displays were just amazing!

James had a blast running around the gardens after we saw the trains. "Get down. Run!" is his new favorite catchphrase. He ran all over the park before we headed home for some leftovers for dinner.

After dinner Nana & Pops gave James his birthday gift. We decided that they needed to be here to enjoy his reaction and delight when he opened the Thomas the Tank Engine set!

He was THRILLED and certainly did not want to go to bed. He took the train and some accessories to bed with him, but fell asleep pretty easily after his busy, exciting day.

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