Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad Mommy

OK, so here are a few reasons why I won't be winning Mother of the Year.

1. I have not posted any pumpkin patch photos of my cute son.
2. Because I have not taken him to a pumpkin patch in either of the two Halloweens/falls that he's lived through.
3. Or made a jack-o-lantern.
4. Or even bought a pumpkin.
5. I'm taking him to day care tomorrow even though I have the day off of school.

With regards to #5, I'm planning a day full of MAJOR house cleaning and organizing. Which is much, much, much easier to do when a certain whirlwind o' cuteness is not here. Plus, he'll have tons more fun with his buddies than he would watching me try to clean.
I'll keep him home and we'll have a fun day on Friday :-)


Allison said...

Umm, Jen, I think James is a little young for pumpkin carving. I, personally, would not give him a knife. You have years ahead of you to develop those memories.
I'm not sure when pumpkin patches became a rite of passage for babies and toddlers, but it is true that kids and pumpkins make for great pictures. But I don't think it's a gaping hole in his life experiences (yet). Maybe next year.

Allison said...

that's me, Ali. not some other allison

Jen said...

Ali, thanks for identifying yourself :-) I kinda figured, but it's good to be sure.
Also, thanks for the reassurance that I haven't scarred him (yet).