Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Feats

James has gotten a lot more television time in the last two weeks, mostly of the Olympic variety. I have yet to get his luging on "film" or video, but many morning when he wakes up, I hear him saying, "James goes fast on the sled." I can just picture him laying on his back in luge position.

Ski jumping is his real go-to favorite. He'll just throw his arms behind him and say, "You are a ski jumper, James." He did go through this inexplicable phase during which he'd go into ski jumping pose, and either Dan or I would say, "Are you a ski jumper?" and he'd come running to us, arms raised, saying "Hug." Maybe he had a fear of crashing? Not sure. He has, over the weekend, snapped out of this huggy phase, it seems. Here's some video footage from last week.

I was watching some figure skating yesterday, and James tried to imitate the spiral position of Marai Nagasu. It was really cute seeing him sticking that lil' toddler leg out behind himself, grunting with effort.

Yesterday was James's first swim lesson of the year. Wow, what a difference a year makes-- he was SO into jumping off the pool deck into the water. He was keeping his Daddy on his toes; Dan was worried James would jump in before he was ready to catch him or that he'd catch himself on the side of the pool. Luckily he seemed to do alright. He really loves jumping lately-- it is his new favorite way to go down stairs-- jumping instead of walking/stepping. We're trying to tell him that he needs to step not jump...


Allison said...

we need to takes James out on the slopes!!

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