Monday, December 6, 2010


James is quite enjoying the Christmas season this year. In fact, yesterday morning he came into our bedroom and asked, "Is today Christmas Day?"

On Saturday night we went to Ramsey's Home for the Holidays. They shut down the main street to traffic, and then had a light parade. James loved it!

We walked around town and got a coloring book; saw firefighters; got candy, lots of cookies and hot chocolate; and met Santa!

It was finally time for the parade, and James sat himself right down on the curb. "Do we have our feet in the street, Mommy?" He enjoyed all the floats, musicians, and rescue vehicles.

At the end, James popped up to follow Santa down the street. It was SO cute. He was going in a beeline for Santa's float. Finally, the cold caught up with us (sitting on the curb was chilling!), and we headed for the car.

So fun!

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