Friday, September 27, 2013


Today was our second week of rec league bowling. Let me just say, upon arriving home afterwards I had opened a beer before I even set the diaper bag down. Yep. 

Here's the thing. You have a team of four five-year-old boys. So they chase each other around. And play with the balls and ball return machine. Constantly. And yes, of course, every adult is telling them to cut it out as we don't want any finger amputations or what not. And they need constant reminders that it's their turn. And that it's still their turn. 

They play two games, and let me tell you, the last three frames of the second game seemed to last forever. 

Did I mention that this is happening from 4:00-5:15? Yes, the "witching hour."

Oh! Then there's John. In a building full of what? His favorite thing in the whole world... Balls! But these are all heavy and dangerous. So he's mad that I won't let him play with them. And he's running around. And heading toward the lanes. And thieving other people's food (even though he'd already had a soft pretzel AND a squeezy fruit-veggies-grains pouch). 


But James likes it. It's actually fun. And those boys chant each other's names and throw their bowling balls in the funniest ways. It really is a good time. 

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Unknown said...

Jen, this is so funny! I missed it earlier this week. John stealing food is not surprising and very funny.