Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten (pt. 2)

James came out of school with a big smile! He told me a bit about his day as we walked home-- he got to see his teacher feed the class fish, they got to sit wherever they wanted to on the rug, they were assigned seats at the "working tables" (his table has all boys; there are ten boys and five girls in the class), there are three children who didn't listen (a girl got out of her seat when a different table was called, and two boys didn't put their pencils down when the teacher said to do so-- James is quite the policeman, eh?), they saw Mr. Parcells as they were leaving. That's about it. Throughout the day I got more snippets-- they played on the new caterpillar playground, they drew self portraits, there were fish decorations everywhere and a big whale on the door that says "Make a Splash in Kindergarten!" 
Once home, we had a quick lunch then stopped by Grandma & Grandpa's house to take a First Day of Kindergarten photo in the same tree where Daddy had taken a photo on his first day of kindergarten. Then it was off to swim class!

Today was James's first lesson at the Ray level, and he did great! They worked on side breathing. His instructor is fantastic. 
Next it was off to Planet Swirl for celebratory fro-yo, then we hit the playground for an hour or so (to burn off the sugar). Both boys had a ball. 

Tomorrow will be his first lunch in the cafeteria as he'll stay the full day for his first day of Wrap-Around Kindergarten. So exciting!

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