Monday, September 2, 2013

James's (current) Favorite Book

About a month ago, James asked me about Charlotte's Web after having read about it in a Horrible Harry book. We were headed to the library the next morning (for a music class for John), so I assured him we'd look for it. 

We got to the library in time to find and check out Charlotte's Web before John's class began. James curled up with his book while Mommy and John joined the other toddlers for singing and dancing. 

He basically didn't put the book down until he'd finished it a few hours later. Then he started reading it again. 

Since then, we've watched two DVDs (the Hanna Barbara animated version and the Dakota Fanning as Fern live-action movie), re-read the book a few more times, done Charlotte's Web-inspired sidewalk chalk, visited a farm, and generally fallen in love with pigs and spiders. 

Oddly, this almost-vegetarian boy still professes his love of pork. He happily gobbled up some bacon yesterday remarking, "I hope this isn't Wilbur." 

here James admires the spiders' webs on the barn

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