Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day Three (Night Four)

Still no power. No heat. We do have hot water. (funny thing-- we didn't realize we had hot water, assumed it was just the warm water left in the tank and thus not good to use. Thus, this morning, we all took "pioneer baths": boiled water on the stove, mixed it with cold water, and basically did a sponge bath standing in the tub. Felt great though, and a real shower tomorrow morning will feel even better!)

Garbage and recycling resumed today, and we're scheduled for pick-up tomorrow, so we cleaned out the fridge and freezer.

We've been eating things from the freezer as they've thawed. Ravioli yesterday. Some DELICIOUS SC shrimp tonight (I pigged out!!). Fortunately, I just cleaned out the freezer a week ago, so a lot of old, suspect items had already been disposed of. Looks like we'll be moving on to the canned goods now.

We did get out today which was nice. I took the boys to the playground for an hour or so (if you're going to be cold, you may as well be cold whilst playing and running around with other kids!) then we headed to a friend's house who has a generator. I re-charged my phone and my body-- heat, adult conversation. James even got to watch a "kids show"-- it was wonderful!

Somehow tomorrow is already Friday. And it's November.

For now, I'll just cuddle with my sleeping baby in front of the fire, before we all head upstairs for another sleepover in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

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