Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten Months!

Whoa! I need time to slow down a bit. John is ten months old today, and James is turning five in two weeks! How did this happen?

My cute little baby John is growing up fast. He has two teeth now (and it looks like the top two are coming soon). Sigh, no more gummy baby grin. He also crawls properly and speedily and cruises well. That is, when I put him down. The boy has excellent "problem solving skills"; he likes to eat things. All kinds of things-- food, leaves, a piece of a balloon (!!!), toys, wrapped Halloween candy (got that Reece's cup out of his craw quickly),... Basically anything he can get his cute little hands on.

He's recently enjoyed his first bagel and his first (and second and third) pancakes in addition to the previously reported pizza crust dinners. Chicken soup has been a big hit on several occasions, as were Thanksgiving leftovers (we have, at least for the time being, a meat eater!). He likes working the spoon himself; in fact, he's presently attempting to feed himself small pieces of avocado via spoon. Adorbs.

He's building his communication skills. Lots of "maMa!" and "nyee nyee nyee."
He seems to know that a cow says, "boo" (which is how he repeats my "moo"). And I think he tries to say something for "James." He certainly seems to understand much of what we say, and absolutely knows his name.

We're working on consistently sleeping through the night. Many many thanks to Daddy for helping with that!! (per doctor's orders)

John's favorite book is Five Little Pumpkins (thanks, Nana!), and he likes listening to his brother read too.

Here are some pictures of our sweet baby this morning.

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