Friday, November 9, 2012


When James awoke yesterday morning, he said, "I love everything about Washington D.C.--the city, the metro, the row houses." He really is having a ball.

We left NJ midday on Wednesday. Ali and I had planned this over a month ago, and Dan endorsed it (offering to work on a little house project in our absence--- hope that's going well!!). The darn Superstorm threatened to alter our plans. Especially when the nor'easter rolled in on its heals. But we decided to move forward. James ditched school yesterday and today (make-up days from last week), and is missing the re-scheduled Halloween festivities at school and in town today (what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?)

He was pretty psyched about the snow that had started falling as I packed the car Wed., but not as psyched as he was to see Ezra and Aunt Ali.

The car ride was practically perfect. The weather was a non-issue (thankfully), and both boys napped waking up with about an hour to go. John didn't get fussy until the last twenty minutes or so. James helped me pass puffs, one at a time, to John which seemed to help greatly. Except when the brother-to-brother handoff failed, or when James would eat the puff I passed him instead of passing it to John. But all-in-all, a smooth journey.

Ali had made a delicious pot of chicken noodle soup which James and Ezra both delighted their mothers by eating. Good influences on each other! We ended up all going to bed at about the same time which made for a well-rested party on Thursday.

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed out to the metro. James was thrilled! We picnicked at the National Portrait Gallery then checked out the preside trial portraits. James isn't as into the presidents as he was a few years ago, so we moved along quickly, and James also got a lesson in non-children's museum etiquette-- no touching! The funny part was when there was a beaver pelt that said "please touch," so Ali told James to touch it, and he wouldn't. It was as though he thought she was trying to trick him into breaking the rules! Then we showed him where it said please touch, touched it ourselves, and he did too. (quite soft, btw)

Next stop- LOFT for a little shopping by the mommies. Then on to the Building Museum! All three boys had fun in the kids' area (hands-on for sure!), and we even checked out what James called "the museum part of the museum" before heading back to the metro. We enjoyed some really good pizza (pasta for James) then came home. After a joint bath venture for James and Ez, the boys went to bed rather easily.

Looking forward to more adventures today!
(all pics courtesy of Aunt Ali.)

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